Merry Christmas to Peter Wilson. When it was suggested that Peter Wilson should be independent of the old board so that we can have a fresh start Peter responded with "That's your issue". Summary of the meeting here: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=594
A good summary of where we are up to by Joe Aston of the AFR, linked to from here: viewtopic.php?f=5&p=4137#p4137
If you are new to this website read the story so far: viewtopic.php?t=321#p1793
Check out some of the AFR articles, too many to list and check out some of the ABC reports: ... 215-h055ej ... 211-h02x1d ... s,/8626662
Please join this website to participate in discussions. Also join our email list at

CPA Australia Contact Details

Let's look in detail at our directors individually so the term 'the board' does not minimise their individual responsibility for decisions made and oversight in relation to many of these issues.
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CPA Australia Contact Details

Post by deaneus » Fri Jun 23, 2017 12:49 am

A list of all (supposed) current office bearers, just in case there's IT problems in Southbank and we can't find these people again. There's lots of people to go; I've put emails to lots of them to make initial contact, but it may take a while still. If you can provide any assistance, it is appreciated.

Head Office:
Alex Malley, CEO -
Adam Awty, Company Secretary -
Jeff Hughes, Chief Operating Officer - Member Services -
Stuart Dignam, General Manager -External Positioning -
Gen Manager, Member Services:
EGM (Events, conferences etc.):

The Board
Board Secretariat -
The Board Of Directors -

Representative Council:

Chair - Jim Dickson - CPA President
Valerie Biggs - NAB - CPA Young members
Richard Blakeman - NFP Board member CPA Australia (appointed 1 January 2015)
Ivana Bosio - Special Counsel at Australian Executor Trustees in Adelaide LLB BCom GDLP
John Cahill - CPA President 2012 - appointed 1/10/2007 ceased 30/9/2013. Served on WA divisional council and was WA President .
Chia-Tern Huey Min - Deputy Commissioner (International, Investigations & Indirect Taxes Group) , Inland Revenue of Authority of Singapaore
Teresa Chong - Audit Partner in KPMG Malaysia. President of CPA Malaysia
Rosalie Degabriele - Uni of Tech Sydney - Academic Finance Superannuation & Banking
Dr. Nigel Finch - CPA & Chartered Accountant, Partner of Saki Partners etc,
Piotr Jakubicki - Victorian School Building Authority
Clare Lezaja - Finance Director, Telecommunications, Telstra
Tony Marks - Executive manager at Animal Health Australia
Professor Gary O'Donovan - Tasmania CPA council
Kerry Phillips - QLD CPA Councillor - Executive Manager Financial Services, Townsville City Council
Bernard Poon CPA Australia's 2012 Divisional President Greater China, Partner at Ernst & Young
Mark Powell - CPA Australia NSW Council
Sue Shoobridge - Board of VisAbility (was Guide Dogs Tasmania), Vice President of Tasmanian Divisional Council of CPA Australia
Brent Szalay - director at SEIVA - on CPA Public Practice Committee

(stolen from JWheldon's 1 July post in another thread)

General Managers

Europe: (Colleen Schooling, General Manager)
China: (Deborah Leung, General Manager)
Malaysia: (Priya Terumalay, General Manager)
New Zealand: (Rick Jones, Country Head)
Singapore: (Melvin Yong, General Manager)

Ground Floor Cafe at 28 Freshwater Place, Southbank: unknown ;)

Divisional Councils: ... /australia
(i have been told that this list is last year's councillors... so some of these people may no longer be part of the DC. Remember they're unpaid volunteers, so be polite. I've emailed a lot of these people and am waiting for responses for correct emails, I'll update as I go - if you post an email below, I'll add it to this list)

South Australia
Langdon Blight - General manager, South Australia
P: 7420 3101
Amanda Taylor -
Andrew Dow -
Andrew Johnson -
Glenn Bain -
Monika Sikora -
Ivana Bosio -
Julie van der Velde -
Thomas Zollo -
Denis Yengi -
Chau Chiem -
Paul Coram -
Thivya Mahendren -

Terence Brooks FCPA -
Robyn Erskine FCPA -
Clare Lezaja FCPA -
Piotr Jakubicki FCPA -
Richard J. Blakeman FCPA -
Theresa Day FCPA -
Devini Goonetilleke FCPA -
Justin Gordon CPA -
Jacquetta Griggs CPA -
Anne La Fontaine FCPA -
Dr. Paul R Mather FCPA -
Gloria Sleaby CPA -

New South Wales

Got this message this morning: The NSW council has asked for all correspondence to go to and cc Simon directly our NSW president:

"We have all been receiving individual emails from many member as well but want one place we can compile all of the issues and queries so we can ensure they are passed on to both the board and management. "

New South Wales Divisional Council
P: 02 9375 6250

Simon Chhoeu FCPA -
Shabnam Amirbeaggi FCPA –
Susanne Ainsworth FCPA –
David Buley FCPA –
Shirley Cho FCPA –
David Crook GAICD FCPA –
Rosalie Degabriele FCPA –
Penny Diamantakiou -
Lisa Gray FCPA –
Rowena Hubble FCPA –
Mark Lehane FCPA -
Emily Luk CPA –
Jodie Matthews CPA –
George Paradisis FCPA –
Mark Powell FCPA -
Richard Sharpe CPA –
Allison Yeoland FCPA –
Dr Jenny Kent FCPA –


Steve Wearn FCPA –
Darren Schaeffer FCPA –
Jill Divorty FCPA –
Hawari Badri FCPA –
Emily Canning FCPA –
Karen Dean CPA –
Gaye Lindfield CPA –
Tony Marks FCPA –
Rodney Miller CPA –
Monir Mir FCPA –
Kym Partington FCPA –
Caroline Spencer FCPA –


Richard Chapman
General Manager, Queensland

Gerard Byrne (Qld Divisional President) - - 0438 70 4870
Matthew Snelleksz FCPA –
Melissa Georgiou FCPA –
Vivek Chopra –
Craig Dalzell -
Terry Daubney -
Alan Hulls -
Stephen McGrory -
Deborah Nisbet -
Kerry Phillips -
Peta Shipley -
Stuart Tooley -

Olivia Butters
P: 6281 8740

Brad Hilder FCPA –
Sue Shoobridge FCPA –
Andrew Pearce CPA –
Chris Stennard FCPA –
Rob Luciani FCPA –
Anne-Marie Martin CPA –
Damon Wells FCPA –
Jo Willsmore FCPA –
Amie Bramich CPA -
Paul Gimpl FCPA –
Professor Gary O’Donovan FCPA – 
Ric De Santi FCPA –

Western Australia

Gena Martins
P: 08 9476 5913

Paul Tiernan FCPA –
Dale Pinto FCPA –
Kerry Harris FCPA –
Kylie Coulson CPA –
John Dawson FCPA –
Phil Hancock FCPA –
Tanvi Haria FCPA –
Quentin Hooper FCPA –
Andrew Seinor CPA –
Joanne Stampalia FCPA –
Jimmy Trpcevski FCPA –
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Re: CPA Australia Contact Details

Post by passedfc » Fri Jun 23, 2017 8:38 am

thanks deaneus.
Contact list is useful and i will try to track down emails and make contact with some Victorian council members.

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Re: CPA Australia Contact Details

Post by The Cyclist » Fri Jun 23, 2017 9:38 am

Listed as Victorian President: Terence Brooks FCPA -

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Re: CPA Australia Contact Details

Post by passedfc » Fri Jun 23, 2017 9:44 am

Thanks cyclist...
I will make contact

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